Kids say the darndest things

28 Aug

I love that phrase. I’m not sure if it’s the word, “darndest” or just that I chuckle whenever I think it. But it’s true! Today, while reviewing similes with my 11th graders, one student shared, “You are as cute as a baby.” I didn’t quite hear “you”, so I asked who? And the student said, “You, Mrs. Becker.” So I am as cute as a baby. Hmmmm. I really hope that she didn’t plan that one out. It would be hard to enforce rules if my students are thinking that I am cute. Could she have meant pretty? Did she like my outfit? I was wearing a spiffy coral scarf that my cousin sent from Singapore. Was “baby” the only thing that she could think to compare it to? Or did she misunderstand my question? Regardless, it made me chuckle.


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