Value Line-Up and Fold

28 Apr

When responses to a question can be represented as ranges in value this is a great strategy to gather data and to get students of opposing views to discuss.  Sample questions to use include:

To what extent do you agree with the statement?

What percentage of your research paper is complete?

1) Teacher poses a question with a range of values.

2) Students line up from greatest to least (or whatever the range descriptors are).

3) The line folds so that the people on the two ends are facing each other as partners.  Partners are identified along the folded line.

4) A new discussion question is posed, perhaps explaining their position in the line, or reflecting on how to move to a different spot on the line.

Variation: If the endpoints of the range are too extreme, identify the midpoint, and have one half of the line slide, so that the person in the middle is now partnered with the person at the end.


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