28 Apr

Think-Pair-Share is one of the simplest discourse strategies.  It provides students with a safe environment in which to try out their answers before sharing with the large group.  Scroll down to see a few variations.

1) Teacher poses a question for discussion.

2) Students think individually.

3) Students pair up and discuss their responses.

4) Students share their responses with the larger group.

Think-Pair-Square: Before sharing with the large group, pairs form squares and discuss responses.

Think-Pair-Octagon: After forming squares, groups continue to match up, forming octagons, then groups of 16, until the group re-forms as a whole.

Team-Pair-Solo: Students first tackle a question as a group, then as a pair, and finally on their own.

Think-Pair-Share was originally developed by Frank Lyman.  The other variations were developed by Spencer Kagan.


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