Speed Dating

6 Jan

1.Arrange the desks in your classroom so that there are two concentric circles (one inside the other), with the inside and outside desks facing each other. 

2. Randomly assign seats.  Tell students that the inside circle never moves.  The outside circle will always move one desk to the right. 

3. Assign students a discussion prompt. Provide 2 minutes of individual think time, then 4 minutes for pairs to discuss.  After 4 minutes, have the outside circle rotate.  Provide another 4 minutes for discussion.  Continue for 3-6 rotations. 

Single Question Version– Provide a single challenging question for students to discuss.

Multiple Questions Version– Provide multiple questions for discussion.  During the first round, each pair discusses a different question.  As students rotate they engage in a jigsaw where they share answers for their original questions, record their new partners’ answers, and discuss further.


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